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Spartacus & Cassandra
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Title:Spartacus & Cassandra Full Movie
Release: 2014-10-10
Quality :

HD 480p, 720p, 1080p

Runtime: 81 min.
Genre: Documentary
Stars: Cassandra Dumitru, Spartacus Ursu
Overview: “When I was one year old I was already walking. At two, I was eating dirt. At three, my father was in prison. At four, I begged with my sister. At seven, I came to France.” Those are the words of Spartacus, a Roma child who, at 13, has already accumulated the experiences of several lifetimes. He and his sister Cassandre, 10, scrape out a living with an alcoholic, melodramatic father and a mother who begs them to free her from her husband’s tyranny. With the help of an exceptional social worker, they manage to detach themselves from their terrible parents and experience childhood as they never could before.
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